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About Dr Jin

International Massage Infant Association Instructor
International Maternal and Child Association
Permanent member of Malaysian Traditional Chinese Medicine Association
Malaysian Care2give Association Consultant

She has been working on maternal and child care for 3 years and has trained more than 300 post-natal caregivers, almost 100% got job , which has improved financial situation. Now we are constantly improving and discovering that there are many ways to help the confinement therapist and those families. Dr. Jin has accumulated years of experience, focusing on training professional post-natal caregivers, helping countless caregivers to work and creating happy families. This is what we hope to see, just because you are worth yo be better in Malaysia.

The 9 Secret Skill of Confinement

Accompanying the confinement is a traditional industry. There are many myths but many of them are scientific knowledge and skills that we must understand. I always think that this knowledge can help other mothers, especially for a professional post-natal caregiver, which not only reflects your major but also helps the mother and family.

Course Outline

First day
The art of Confinement
Postpartum mother's situation
Tips for preventing infant diseases
Identification of special baby
Second Day
Postpartum massage
How to stop mother's depression in a second
Infant psychology
Baby communication skills
Fee RM 799

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