Caredemy was established in 2016 initially to provide postnatal care service to new mothers. Since then, it has grown in terms of specialisation to offer and promote exemplary service from quality caregivers.
Today, Caredemy offers a number of courses, certifications and training sessions encompassing caregiving in the form of Elderly Care, Postnatal Care, Babysitting and much more to dedicated individuals interested in pursuing a stable and respectable career in the field of caregiving.


To help our students become renowned and recognized professional caregivers in Malaysia by enhancing their value and importance in a caring society. To that end, we strive to bring students to others countries to learn different things, gain more experience and become more well-rounded individuals. It is our utmost hope that our students feel proud to be caregivers and work sincerely with their hearts, wherever they may be.


To be the top provider and preferred centre of excellence for vocational training in caregiving in Malaysia and the Asian region by offering comprehensive, specialized and customized caregiver related training programmes that fulfil the unique needs of the caregiving industry.

Why Choose Us?

Hands-on practical
You’ll be able to experience real-life scenarios first hand for a truly life-changing learning.
Professional medical speakers
Our speakers are industry professionals relating real-life scenarios and solutions for your benefit
We have our own support team
You can always rely on strong assistance and guidance at every step of the way – before, during and after your training
Trusted (Collaboration with MCGA)
Rest assured knowing you have the stamp of approval from the Association of Registered Childcare Providers Malaysia (MCGA).
Valuable and efficient
As a certified caregiver you will be highly regarded as a valuable member of society with efficient skills that benefit everyone
Local Certified
Our caregiver license is from Malaysia care2give association, a reliable name in the industry.
High Quality
We offer you the best education and experience through our programmes, modules and practical sessions that are comprehensive, well-thought out and based on global healthcare standards.
Life planning
As a certified caregiver, you’ll be highly sought after and employable in any confinement center, locally and abroad – giving you a fulfilling lifelong career